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A softer take on color for 2016...For the first time, the blending of two shades – Rose Quartz and Serenity are chosen as the PANTONE Color of the Year.

At Piper & Ross we have chosen some Peppermint Grove gorgeous candles in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ Louis Blue hues to resemble Serenity seen here in both the Large and Small Candles, and the bold Diffuser and the same in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ Antoinette. We've also featured here an Emma Bridgewater Rose and Bee Tea Towel! The collection was almost made for this years PANTONE colours it seems! This gorgeous petal pink is such a fantastic accent colour. We're loving this trend of seeing pastels teaming with neutrals such as a grey or white tone - so much body to what would otherwise be so flat, your colours do not necessarily need to look feminine just because its a pink tone! 

Create the look at home with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ in Antoinette and Louis Blue, both available in store now. 

Project Pots $20.00

Litres $60.00

Author: Mary-Anne Easson

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How to White Wash with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.. As easy as 123!

I (Liv) am a HUGE fan of whitewashing.. Whether its for a Scandi-minimal look for a beachy look that would fit beautifully in Newport. I've popped a little spiel about how i wash below, and also a video GIF of "Liv-in-Action" to get an idea. It also shows a streak patch appear and how i go over it again to get rid of it - remember: build it up, build it up! 


To keep it really easy here's how i wash.. 

Mix 1 part Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White *or the colour of your choice* to 3 parts water. Usually an old plastic takeaway tub is fantastic for this, and you can use a spoon or a brush to mix it up well. 

Once the pigments are mixed beautifully with the water it should look like milk. I then use a natural sea sponge that is roughly palm sized to go back and forth with the grain, building up the colour as deep as i want it. I find that a natural sea sponge creates a beautiful non streaky look and is the best i've used yet. - You can usually find these at chemists or dollar shops, and palm sized is perfect. 

Leave to dry over the course of a few hours, depending how much wash you popped on. The water seeps into the wood so please do take some time and wait for it to dry! You can never be too cautious at this point. - Even over night! But the speed-demons of us, yes yes you can go ahead and pick up your hairdryer! Just make sure that the wood. is. dry. Then, to finish i use Annie Sloan Clear Soft Wax applied with the Wax Brush just like normal and a microfibre cloth to buff and finish at the end. 

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How to give some 'pazaz' with Chalk Paint

Recently Annie Sloan uploaded a fantastic video about using Stencils to add that special something to your furniture! In the video she uses the Classical Bird and Lavender Stencil which we have in store now, along with the entire Annie Sloan Stencil Range. 

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Introducing The Annie Sloan Mini Project Pack!

Over on her blog, Annie recently announced the Mini Project Pack. Mini Project Packs contain two sample pots of complimenting Chalk Paint® colours, two sample pots of Soft Wax (one each of Clear and Dark), as well as a small Pure Bristle Brush.

Because you get to sample two Chalk Paint® colours, Mini Project Packs are perfect for newbies who want to get a feel for how Chalk Paint® works! Did you know that each sample pot covers approximately 10 square feet? That’s enough for a nightstand or chair!

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P&R @ Wahroonga Village Fair

Last Sunday, the 6th of December, we woke up at 5.30am, knocked back a shot of coffee before venturing onwards to the Wahroonga Village Fair! We had an absolute blast setting up our stall and meeting lots of local artisans and avid chalk paint fans.

On the stand we had a large selection of instore products such as Emma Bridgewater, Normann Copenhagen, Maine Beach, Scandinavisk and obviously all things Annie Sloan. We found it hard to believe how much we managed to cram onto the tables!

Despite the heat, the day carried on strong until we started pack up at 4pm. For those who visited our stall we would just like to say how lovely it was to meet such a creative group of people and we can’t wait to see you instore!

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Print your own wrapping paper this Christmas!

Who remembers potato printing as a child? Well this is a more grown up version where you can give your presents that simple but incredibly effective personal touch. To build up the festive spirit you can even get the kids involved! We've used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and stencils to decorate basic brown paper into something quite wonderful. So sit down this evening, pick up a brush, and have some down time.. 

We selected a Christmas colour palette consisting of Emperor's Silk, Antibes Green, Pure White, Louis Blue, Graphite, Arles. - To create both your traditional Christmas colour scheme that evokes fuzzy memories of sitting by the fire with eggnog as well as a modern winter wonderland (Frozen-esque) under our tree this year! We know that Elsa would love some Louis Blue and Ana would be wearing Antibes Green! 

We took a selection of stencils from the Annie Sloan collection including; Oak leaves, Branches, Coral (which we think looks like reindeer antlers), Circles and even Nymph (to which you can paint on santa hats or elf ears). Plus also our fabulous font stencils from Dovetails Vintage from back home in the UK! - Cheers guys, we love them! 

Fyi, Chalk Paint on brown kraft paper will not need to be waxed or protected. The only extra layer you'll need is a big ribbon or two!

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