How to White Wash with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.. As easy as 123!

I (Liv) am a HUGE fan of whitewashing.. Whether its for a Scandi-minimal look for a beachy look that would fit beautifully in Newport. I've popped a little spiel about how i wash below, and also a video GIF of "Liv-in-Action" to get an idea. It also shows a streak patch appear and how i go over it again to get rid of it - remember: build it up, build it up! 


To keep it really easy here's how i wash.. 

Mix 1 part Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White *or the colour of your choice* to 3 parts water. Usually an old plastic takeaway tub is fantastic for this, and you can use a spoon or a brush to mix it up well. 

Once the pigments are mixed beautifully with the water it should look like milk. I then use a natural sea sponge that is roughly palm sized to go back and forth with the grain, building up the colour as deep as i want it. I find that a natural sea sponge creates a beautiful non streaky look and is the best i've used yet. - You can usually find these at chemists or dollar shops, and palm sized is perfect. 

Leave to dry over the course of a few hours, depending how much wash you popped on. The water seeps into the wood so please do take some time and wait for it to dry! You can never be too cautious at this point. - Even over night! But the speed-demons of us, yes yes you can go ahead and pick up your hairdryer! Just make sure that the wood. is. dry. Then, to finish i use Annie Sloan Clear Soft Wax applied with the Wax Brush just like normal and a microfibre cloth to buff and finish at the end. 

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